SmartIdea: Your comprehensive consultancy for web-based resources and ideas!

Managing web-resources, like your website or live products, isn’t the easiest thing, often because your business doesn’t have the required expertise or manpower. Based in Singapore, SmartIdea aims to change that. The company specializes in internet consulting – a term that’s still unknown to many businesses. Basically, they manage, advice and offer assistance for any project or aspect related to the internet. No matter whether you need help with internet marketing or want to develop software project using RUP, xP, OOAD concepts, SmartIdea can help.

The company was formed in 1999, and since then, it has been working with clients globally. Their operations team is excellent at managing live projects, websites and products and keep a tab on synchronizing work between the representative offices, which are located in Australia, US and Philippines. Equipped with knowledge of UML modeling tools, the company can build, integrate and design projects from the scratch. What sets them apart is their approach towards the job, which starts with requirement analysis. SmartIdea also takes pride in the kind of technical support and assistance they provide for their clients, regardless of the location, thanks to the use of latest eCRM technology platform. To know more, please refer to their website.

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